Swimming at Inspire

20160110_120055bMy swimming experience at Inspire Luton Sports Village was fascinating because I like swimming and it keeps you healthy and fit. I get exhausted when I swim because I do 32 laps which is around a mile. However, if I swim consistently every week, then I don’t feel really exhausted because I  will be used to swimming every week. When I come back home after swimming, I feel that my muscles have become stronger and I have a lot of energy inside my body. Moreover, I feel really hungry.

In my opinion, I think that swimming at Inspire Luton Sports Village is awesome because they have a olympic size pool which has a length of 50m and 2m deep. If you are not really good at swimming, you could practice in the community pool which has a length of 20m and a pool depth of 0.8 metres. Also, there is a learn to swim club for kids who want to learn how to swim. If you have a membership card and you want to go swimming in the competition pool, it would cost a junior £2.20 and an adult £3.30. However, if you do not have a membership card, it would cost £2.50 for a junior and £3.70 for an adult.

I am a member of BCPD Trust and I go swimming every Sunday at 11am- 12pm. If you would like to go swimming, then you could join us. Follow us @bcpdt #AkilSwim