Free online tuition

BCPD Trust is supporting the local community by providing Free tuition classes for children whose parent are unable to unable to provide tutoring or afford to pay for private tuition.

If you have a child or know a child who can benefit please contact us using details provided below or speak to one of our volunteers.

Your child can benefit by getting extra help on areas they need further support. We understand parents have many challenges and juggling multiple tasks so is not easy to find time to give them the help they need.

Tuition Classes cover;
– English and Maths
– 2 hours (Sat 11am-1.00pm) classes for KS2 and GCSE students
– 2 hour (Sun 11am-1pm) classes for KS3 students
– Virtual Interactive Classes
– Tailored for each student
– Maximum 5 students per class
– Each student would need access to the internet, computer and headset

Contact via email or one of our Trustees by phone;
– Sundar Ali Mob: 07930 331 591
– Ifthekher Alom Mob: 07956 230 393
– Shahin Uddin Mob: 07856 735 358

You can see below a video recording from one of our English class. Students have opportunity to ask questions and interact as part of the lesson activities.


How does my child access the class?
All students need is a home computer and headset to log in online to enjoy our tuition classes that are in small groups of similar age children. Students can even use tablets and mobile phones to access virtual tuition classes. However, it is best to use a desktop or laptop computer with a large screen for best visual and sound quality.

How much does it cost?
All our online classes are FREE and available mainly to children in Luton but where spaces are available we can offer outside Luton.

How many children attend each class?
Maximum 5 children per class

When do you hold your classes?
Classess are held over the weekend for 2 hours. Actual day and time would be confirmed by the class tutor upon registration.

How will I know when my child shoud attend class?
You will receive an email following registration with access details to the online class.

Are your Tutors experienced?
All our online live tuition classes are provided by experienced Tutors with DBS clearance. They are monitored by our Trustees.

Can my child ask questions?
All students will be encouraged by the Tutor to ask questions during classes. The virtual class room allows students and Tutors to engage and discuss topics as if theye were sitting next to each other.

Do you monitor progress?
On a regular basis the Tutor will set assignments, quizzes or questionaires for the students to complete. The results can be used by Tutor to monitor progress.

What happens when we go on holiday or my child is not available for a date?
Please tell your Tutor of any planned holiday or when your child would not be avilable. Where a child misses class regulalrly we may assign placement to another child.

How do I enrol my child in your tuition class?
Simply email with your childs name, age and current key stage group. We would also need parent or carer name, address and contact details as well as an email address where our tutors can send joining details to your child.