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BCPD Trust inspires young people into Education, Careers, Business and Sports

BCPD Trust inspires young people into Careers, Busines and SportsBCPD Trust is a Luton based UK registered Charity inspiring young people into Education, Careers, Business and Sports since 2011.
The Trust provides KS2/KS3 and GCSE tuition classes, Community Support, Sports and Social activities, Mentoring, Advice, Information and Support for youngsters who want to achieve something in life. This organisation is managed by experienced professionals such as Engineers, Lawyers and Training Providers who want to help the next generation from their community succeed in life and establish reputable and skilled profession.
Our organisation currently has eight Executive Committee members which includes three Trustees who are the founders and over twenty active community members who all volunteer their time to support the Trust.

Our Team

Why the community needs us

Why the community needs us

The Trust is working with the community and young youths in Luton and surrounding areas. We provide online business innovation support giving opportunities, guidance and a platform for young entrepreneurs and professionals to start their own business. The Trust Provides training courses on IT, life skills and learning. We also provide Mentoring, Career Tips and Guidance. Our sports club provides regular activities, youth projects, day trips & other activities for the development of youths. Our Free Schools shopping App provides support for families with children struggling to cover the costs of school uniform and essentials.

Our impact in the community

Our impact on the communityWe organised a Social Community Dinner Party for 160 guests and held a Young Entrepreneurs Competition. Established the Luton Online business Innovation Centre and Sports Club. To date over 270 people requested information or advice on how to setup a new online business. There were more than 100 people accessing our business knowledge portal. There were many young entrepreneurs applying for a business solutions package. Many people completing training courses on IT, Life Skills and Learning. We run regular sports, camping and outdoor leisure activities as well as tuition classes for KS2, KS3 and GCSE students.