BCPD Trust in collaboration with Purbachal Book Club held a Book Reading competition Awards Ceremony

BCPD Trust in collaboration with Purbachal Book Club held a Book Reading competition awards ceremony on 25th August 2022 over zoom conference to announce all the winners. The ceremony was attended by contestants, parents, judging panel, members of BCPD Trust, members of Purbachal book club, members of Purbachal-the eastern sky and public supporters. You can view full recording of the zoom awards ceremony.

The aim of this competition is to encourage young people into book reading and to help them improve their communication and presentation skills.

The contestants were asked to read any book of their choice and make a short video between 1 to 3 minutes long summarising and presenting the book. The videos could be created using any mobile phone or digital camera device and our aim was to consider the quality of the presentation rather than the quality of the video production. Applicants were encouraged to use their creative talent to present their chosen book. All competition entries were submitted by 31st July 2022 deadline.

Dr Nazia Khanum OBE DL Chairperson of Purbachal-the eastern sky and Purbachal Book Club kindly agreed to be the Chair of the judging panel. The judging panel also included Dr. Anwarul Haque, and Mr M Hadi Faisal and they are General Secretary and Joint General Secretary of Purbachal-the eastern sky respectively as well as key members of Purbachal Book Club.

Our panel of judges applied six key criteria to score the contestants’ video performances. These were:

  • Summarising the book clearly, key highlights, what they liked or disliked and what they have learnt from the book and any other conclusion they have drawn.
  • Correct pronunciation and clear enunciation of words.
  • Overall summary and presentation should be assessed based on whether the message lands clearly and is it well presented.
  • Variety of tones, pace, volume and how it is presented using their own communication skills.
  • Consider if the presentation is scripted or unscripted and whether it is unaided in terms of actual presentation.
  • Overall creativity, talent and performance should be assessed based on applicants own abilities

The judging panel decided to create two age categories based on the number of entries and ages of applicants. First age group category is between 6 to 10-year-olds. Second age group category is between 11 to 18-year-olds. The age of each contestant has been considered by the judges.

In each age category we have one 1st prize winner who received £100, one 2nd prize winner receiving £50 and two joint 3rd prize winners each receiving £25.

6 to 10 Age Group Category Winners

11 to 18 Age Group Category Winners

  • 1st Prize Winner – Imran Sheikh (Video Link)
  • 2nd Prize Winner – Sultan Sheikh (Video Link)
  • 3rd Prize joint Winner – Tamim Bobby Anam (Video Link)
  • 3rd Prize joint Winner – Sonakstu Pai (Video Link)

To encourage each child all the contestants would be receiving a Star Award certificate recognising their outstanding video presentation. You can view all the book reading competition video entries by visiting BCPD Trust YouTube Channel.

BCPD Trust plans to organise similar competition next year and if you would like to become a sponsor or support our cause please email enquiry@bcpdt.org.uk or contact one of our Trustees listed below.

  • Mr Sundar Ali BEng, CEng MIET – Trustee & Chairperson
  • Mr Shahin Uddin – Trustee & Secretary
  • Mr Ifthekher Alom – Trustee & Treasurer

About BCPD Trust

BCPD Trust, a registered UK charity based in Luton has been inspiring young people into Education, Careers, Business and Sports since 2011.

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About Purbachal Book Club
Purbachal Book Club, established in 2020, is an arm of Purbachal-the eastern sky – a voluntary social and cultural organisation founded in 1998. The Book Club promotes the skills of critical reading and review.

It aims to bring keen readers together to engage in stimulating group discussion and debate on particular books or articles and linked subjects. Visit Purbachal Book Club for more information.

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