How to hire staff for Free!

ID-100100172iWorkGuru Post Projects service can be used to hire your next staff. There are no charges to hire staff and it is a very simple process.

Simply post a project and ensure all fields are populated to get maximum attention from potential candidates. Below are some example texts for hiring staff;

Project or Job Post name: “Senior Telcomms Engineer”

Select Project or Job Post Type: “Telcomms” and “Analyst”

Enter Project or Job Post Category: First take a look at “Browse Projects” to see what projects or jobs categories already exists. In this example we can type “Data Analysis”.

Describe your Project or Job Post in detail: Here define the overall job purpose, accountabilities, education and work experience requirements, key knowledge requirements, personal skills requirements, any specific responsibilities.

These are some ideas but I am sure you already have a job specification ready. Hence fill this area with your key job specifications.

Upload files and Images
You can also attach detailed job specifications and your company logo.

Project type:
Fixed Price – Use for contract and full time staff hire
Hourly – Use for temporary staff hire. You will also need to define approximate hourly rate

Project Duration: Specify the length of employment or contract and hours of work required each week.

Promote Your Project or Job Post
-Urgent Task Fee – Tick where staff required urgently
-Featured Task Promotion fee – This will give your job post visibility on our home page and featured areas
-Sensitive Documents fee – If you attach a file but want to hide from crawlers
-Sign NDA fee – Where Noon Disclosure Agreement required
-Private Task Fee – If the job post should be only visible to registered people on our site
-Full Time – Tick this option when hiring staff

Once the job is posted it will be visible on their site. Any registered user can apply and submit their CV. You can review and accept candidates for your role or ask them for interview. For more information about responding to project bids or job post applicants read iWorkGuru User Guide or visit their website