Benefits of Virtual Live Tuition Classes

Private tuition classes have always been for the privileged and the wealthy with extra disposable income at their fingertips. But now the less affluent parents with average to low income can also afford private tuition thanks to the introduction of online virtual tuition classes.

Nearly one in four young people in the UK has received private or home tuition at some point, according to recent Ipsos MORI research.

Online virtual tuition offers many benefits that are not available even where you have one to one face to face tuition with a private teacher. Students can be set online assignments, homework and quizzes. They can access online resource libraries and facilities. Parents and teachers can view online the student’s progress and their attendance. Furthermore, students can record and playback tuition sessions allowing them to learn at their own pace.

BCPD Trust is running Virtual classes for KS2, KS3 and GCSE students covering English, Matchs and Science subjects every Saturday. The Trust have been providing tuition classes in Luton for many years and now have developed an online solution using experienced teachers with DBS clearance to deliver the tuition classes.

To find out more either watch this youtube video which gives you a demo of their classes or visit website. There is also a Free trial offer available for parents wanting to get a better understanding of whether this type of tuition classes could be of benefit for their children.
Live virtual online tuition market is growing and becoming popular with parents. Key to the success is the ease of access, additional resources and most importantly affordable costs of tuition.