Compost waste attracting Rats

DSC00418_smlLast week me and my family went for a morning jog near the Allotments by Nunnery Lane. Suddenly my dad saw 2 rats feeding on an open compost bin in an allotment in the leasure garden. There was household waste, egg shells, food and lots of vegetables. This will definitely attract rats. At that moment we never had a camera to take any pictures. So after few hours we came with our camera. Sadly we could not find any at that moment. Around the corner there was a river where we could see few rats on the river side and some swimming across. Probably it was not the right time for them to come out and eat. We were looking around and investigating for around 15 minutes. Later on, we thought that we’ll come back afterwards and see if we can find any. After couple of moments we walked slowly next to the gate which led us to see the open bin. There was still no rats. We went back and forward to the river and the compost bin. DSC00417_smlAfter 5 minutes we saw a figure of a rat moving. As soon as possible, we arranged the camera. But unfortunately the rat found out that someone was there and hid into the bushes. Moreover we could not take any picture of it. For a few moments we were looking through the bushes to see if we can see the rat. Finally we saw a rat. We took a picture and the rat hid again very quickly. When we looked at the camera the picture was very fuzzy. In the end we managed to see more rats rats but could not take any picture as they moved very quickly in and out of bushes. The allotment owners should get composting bins that are sealed to avoid attracting rats to the area. I hope we have responsible people in Luton who will take care of their local area.