How to Donate

BCPD Trust has developed an online Free Schools shopping App, supporting families with children struggling to cover the costs of school uniform and other essentials.

There are two options for making a donation and supporting BCPD Trust and the families we support.

  1. Buy a Gift donation for school children
  2. Donate unwanted school gear for children

Buy a Gift Donation
The first option is where you buy a gift from our Free Schools Shop. This would enable us to offer this gift to a child in Luton. Parents can visit our Free Schools Shop and order what they require at not cost for their children subject to availability.

Donate Unwanted School Gear
The second option is where you can use our shopping app to list unwanted school uniforms, school books, sports gear and other accessories. You can simply create a Vendor account and list as many Free items you have available similar to eBay. Families can simply order items directly from you through our online App and make arrangements to collect or request home delivery by post where you have opted to offer that service.

Home Delivery Option
When listing any product you can select shipping option for that item. The shipping charge selected would be collected and paid to you by BCPD Trust. Please note there will be a small administration charge of £0.50 per item deducted to cover our costs and bank charges.

COVID19 Restrictions
Any re-usable items listed on our Free Schools Shop must be cleaned or washed, ironed where necessary and packaged 72 hours before collection. The items must be in good re-usable condition and suitable for children.

Collection time and location can be agreed between the two parties. However current government guidance on social distancing must be maintained.

Why not support BCPD Trust Free Schools Shop today by making a donation or by creating an account to list unwanted schools gear for children.