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About iWorkGuru

BCPD Trust has worked with iWorkGuru a startup company to develop and offer a Fulfilment service to UK and Global customers. Our fulfillment service allows individuals and organisations to safely and securely store their goods at our storage facilities in Luton, United Kingdom and request shipping to their customers in UK, Europe or Worldwide.

iWorkGuru.co.uk is part of Mobileguru Limited a United Kingdom registered company trading in the UK, Europe and Worldwide since 2002. The company offers individuals and organisations a platform to safely and securely tap into Global Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Employers and Products & Services. Find out more...

iWorkGuru offers a simple solution to a global challenge. We connect entrepreneurs, freelancers and talented people with employers and businesses wanting things done.

You can post any project for FREE at iWorkGuru.co.uk to see the amazing response you get from our global Entrepreneurs and Freelancers. It can be as simple as a request to take photo from anywhere in the world or as complex as building a communication system such as Skype. Each Entrepreneur and Freelancer background, feedback and overall reputation can be assessed before awarding any project.

iWorkGuru.co.uk offers Freelancers and talented individuals opportunity to earn money and grow their network without having to pay any commissions or charges. There are no commission or charges for delivering projects, buying services/products and entering contests.

If you want to develop a similiar solution or have an online business idea, you can get help from BCPD Trust. We have technical advisors and the connection to develop your solution.
Products and Services

Products and Services

iWorkGuru.co.uk website provides an opportunity for individuals or companies to find freelancers or talented people by raising simple work requests such as Photo4Me or Buy4Me from anywhere in the world. You can request everyday tasks to major projects. The market for simple everyday tasks whether it is technical, non-technical, creative talent or simple craftsman skills all have huge demands in this recession hit global market.

Service Promotions
• Post FREE Job Requests
• Post FREE Projects
• Post FREE Competitions
• FREE Market place submission
• FREE Competition Entries

Products and Services
• Post Projects - Hire Entrepreneurs, Freelancers or Companies.
• Post Contests - Gather information or promote a product, service or organisation.
• Post Products & Services - Our Marketplace offers global customer reach to help you sell your product and services.
• Hire Freelancers - Directly hire a Freelancer and pay an hourly rate.
• Buy Products & Services - If you are looking to buy products and services, we can provide a safe and secure shopping environment.
• Sell Products & Services - If you are looking to sell products and services then our back end tools will allow you to easily manage your stocks, sales, purchases and fulfilment.
• UK Fulfilment Service - iWorkGuru is working in collaboration with BCPD Trust a UK based Charity to offer Fulfilment service.
• FREE Dispute Resolution - Easily manage disputes or escalate for resolution by our staff.
• FREE e-wallet - Easily add funds or use e-wallet to make safe & secure purchases online.