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Training Courses

BCPD Trust is organising many one day courses focusing on Job Searching Techniques, CV Writing, IT Skills, Interview Techniques, Numeracy and Literacy courses which will be delivered by our professional voluntary members.

These Courses are split into modules and will be provided through regular training courses.

How to Improve Your Job Prospect
o CV Writing Techniques
o Job Searching Techniques
o Interview Techniques

Improving Online Networking Skills
o Basic Computer Skills
o World Wide Web and the Internet
o Using Social Media to find Jobs

Improving Computer Literacy
o Introduction to Office Skills
o Improving Numeracy Skills using Excel
o Improving Literacy and Writing skills using MS Word

Find out more about Up and Coming training courses


BCPD Trust is developing Engineering Apprentice Training Programme. This will be a one year Apprenticeship for 16 - 17 year olds with a keen interest in Technology and e-commerce. Find out more...

Local apprenticeship details provided by Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be available to local youths interested in a skilled career.
• List of all local apprenticeships
• Application forms & Entry requirements
• Help in completing or checking applications
• Help with CV Writing
• Recommendation Letters

Under Graduate Courses

Details of undergraduate courses recommended by our professional members will be made available to all youths interested in a graduate course. Furthermore links and information from UCAS and other supporting bodies will be available.
• Recommended undergraduate courses
• Information about UCAS and other bodies
• Application forms & Entry requirements
• Help in completing or checking applications
• Recommendation Letters

Professional Development

Our professional members will offer guidance on professional institutions, training and career opportunities in industry. The professional members will provide support and guidance via e-mail, phone and pre-arranged meeting in our weekly surgery.
• E-mail and Phone support and guidance from professional Members
• Weekly surgery with pre-arranged meeting with professional Members
• Recommended institutions and professional development training
• List of Graduate Posts and Opportunities
• Help with CV Writing
• Recommendation Letters

Grants, Bursaries and Scholarship Awards

Once setup applications are received for grants, bursaries and scholarship and full funds are made available by sponsors, each award will be created and publicised. Awards will be granted one year after the funds are made available.
• List of Awards for each Year
• Application forms
• Awards Publications

BCPDT Awards Committee consists of the executive members and nominated members who will review each application against a set of agreed criteria created during the setup of each award. Awards winners will be notified by letter and publicised on the trust website.

Youth Projects, Day Trips and Outings

BCPDT Junior members will organise youth projects supported by other members and will plan regular day trips and outings to engage local youths. This will be an opportunity to spread the good work of the BCPDT and raise awareness within the local community and in particular local youths.
• Charitable youth Projects (i.e. Sponsored Abseils or Bungee Jump)
• Camping and Mountain Climbing Trips
• Boat Trips and Visits to popular events and locations

Professional Development Library

Books, CD’s and DVD’s covering Technical reference, Professional development and Information will be available for use and loaned for free to youths. BCPDT trust will build a library, donated and purchased consisting of printed and electronic media.
• Books, CD’s and DVD library
• Electronic media available for download via website
• CV writing Classes held once a month

Annual Awards Ceremony

Each year BCPDT will organise an awards ceremony to recognise achievement of young youths. Different category of awards will be setup to recognise the outstanding achievements. Nominations for awards can be submitted online, by post or through any of our members. All nominations will be reviewed by the BCPDT Awards Committee. All nominees will receive invite to the ceremony and the winners will be presented with prizes and awards. The whole ceremony will be a charitable dinner event with funds raised for our cause through ticket sales and sponsorships.
• Present Nominees and Award Winners
• Guest Speakers and Presenters
• BCPDT achievement for the Year