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Online Membership Form

Online Membership Form

There are many ways you can help BCPDT from donating money, books and goods to actively taking part in supporting different events, programmes and activities.

To join us simply select Memebership Type and add to Cart and follow steps to completion.

Organisational Members
Organisations can support our cause by becoming members and contributing £180 per year. This will enable you to nominate a Vice Chair from your organisation. In return your organisation will be promoted on all our communications, magazine, website and social media portals.

Executive Members
The Executive members manage the British Community Professional Development Trust and consist of voluntary positions held by founders and members. Below are key executive member roles and their contributions;
- Chair and VC members contribute £120 per year.
- Committee members contribute £60 per year.

Professional Members
These members really want to provide mentoring and other support to the next generation in their community. They provide their time and energy in guiding youngsters in the right direction and towards careers that are of interest to the individual. Professional members contribute £24 per year.

Community Members
The backbone of the trust is the community members who rally support, raise funds and organise events to support our cause and raise awareness. Community members contribute £24 per year.

Junior Members
These are the next generation trust members who will become community members, professional members and even executive members. Junior members will also actively encourage young youths in their local community to engage and get involved with BCPDT activities. Junior members fees are FREE.

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