How to Order

BCPD Trust is a Luton based registered charity inspiring young people into Education, Careers, Business and Sports.

We have been supporting the community in Luton and surrounding area since 2011 and we know how hard it is to raise children specially when your income is low or you are unemployed.

We have developed an online Free Schools shopping App to support parents who are struggling to cover the costs of schools uniform and other essentials for their children in Luton.

Our shopping app enables people from the community to make gift donations or list unwanted schools gear that are still of good quality. This support from the community helps us to support struggling families to provide schools uniform and other essentials for their children.

Placing an order for Free
Simply search our Free online shop for whatever essentials your children require and place an order. You do not need to make any payments as this is a charitable service. Currently we are restricting one item per household for brand new uniforms and accessories for Luton residents only.  Please contact us where there are special circumstances and you require more than one brand new school uniform or accessories in your household.

Delivery & Collections
Home Delivery option is available on most products but this would need to be paid for when placing order. Please note due to COVID 19 restrictions not all items listed on our website can be collected in person. Where restrictions apply for brand new uniforms and accessories we will send item by post or deliver to your home.

If you place and order for a brand new uniform or accessories, our staff will contact you to make arrangements for collection or deliver to your home where that option is available. 

Where an item is listed by a community member you can still place the order in the same way as a new item but any arrangement for collection would need to be made with the community member. As soon as the order is placed the community member will contact you to make arrangement for collection or send by post where you have selected home delivery.

COVID19 Restrictions
Please ensure you follow current government guidance on social distancing when collecting any ordered items. If you are unsure contact us for guidance.

Visit our Free Schools Shop today to see what we have in store for your children.